How to enable Custom Barcode?

When you would like to add your own Custom Barcode to the label than default QR code by Eventdex, please follow the below steps to enable Custom Barcode. Step 1: Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login with your credentials >> Select your Event. Step 2: Click on Attendee Settings under Event Settings of […]

How do I do Self-Check In?

ScanAttendee self-check-in feature allows attendees to directly go to the kiosk and check themselves into the event. Here is the process how to do a self-check-in by using ScanAttendee App. Step1: Please log in to ScanAttendee app by using your registered email address. Step2: Select the event that you would […]

Are you expecting attendees from multiple countries?

If you are expecting attendees from other than hosting country, please follow the steps to add more countries that you wish to add. Step1: Click on My Events   Step2: Edit an event and click on the more options button.  Step3: Press the button “Attendees expected from the countries” You can see […]

How To Edit My Profile?

Step 1: Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login with your credentials. Step 2: Click on “My Tickets“. Step 3:  Under “Order Details” tab,  go to the “Ticket Details” section click on Edit button.   Step 4: Now you can edit your Profile. Step 5: Click on “Save” button.

How to Edit Sponsorship Category ?

You can easily Edit the Sponsorship Category by following below mentioned steps. Step 1: Go to ” Sponsors” Section and click on the “Edit” tab of the “Sponsorship Category” column in the preferred Sponsor’s record.   Step 2: Click on the plus button and enter the new Sponsorship Category details. […]

How to Edit Sponsor’s information?

You can edit a Sponsor’s information by following below mentioned steps Step 1: Go to “Sponsors” Section and click on the “Edit” tab (Pencil icon-given in “Action” column) of the respective Sponsor, whose information has to be changed. Step 2: Edit the required details of the Sponsor in the “Edit […]

How to give Access to Multiple Event Admins?

How to give Access to New Event Admin? Step 1: After logging into the Eventdex App, click on “My Event”. Then, click on the “Edit Event” tab. Step 2: Click on the “Add More Info”. Step 3: “Event Details” Section will appear. Click on the Plus tab (blue), given on […]

How to set the PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway Option?

Step 1. Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login with your credentials >> Select your Event Step 2. Click on “Ticketing” tab and from its accordion menu, click on the “Tickets” tab. Step 3. Click on the “Payment Options” tab and the page navigates to a new screen. Step 4. Click […]